City Honors Rio Dell Teen

On the evening of November 4, 2014 The Rio Dell City Council presented a Community Service Award to local teen Madeline Cole for her work in organizing and implementing a successful river bar cleanup on September 6th of this year. The cleanup mobilized over 70 volunteers who collected and removed over 2,500 pounds of trash from the river bar.

“The River is a special and unique feature of Rio Dell.” Mayor Jack Thompson stated. “It’s great to be able to walk or drive down to the river bar and catch some sun, swim, fish, or just enjoy the view. While most people respect this natural asset, some don’t and they leave garbage behind. We cannot express enough gratitude for people like Ms. Cole who step up to help maintain this wonderful Eel River.”

“I know numerous people who were involved in this project, and all of them deserve credit.” Rio Dell Police Chief Chief Graham Hill stated. “But Ms. Cole was key in making it work. And for someone who is just 17 years old, that is a great accomplishment.”

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