City Council

Rio Dell has a City Council - City Manager form of government. The City Council sets policy while the City Manager carries out the day-to-day business of the City. The Mayor is selected by the City Council and serves as the presiding officer at city council meetings and as the official head of the city for legislative and ceremonial purposes.

City Council Members are elected to four year terms. Terms are staggered and every two years either 2 or 3 members are up for re-election.

Frank Wilson

Mayor Frank Wilson

Term Expires: 2020

Gordon Johnson

Mayor Pro Tem Gordon Johnson

Term Expires: 2018

Debra Garnes

Councilmember Debra Garnes

Term Expires: 2018

Sue Strahan

Councilmember Sue Strahan

Term Expires: 2020

Tim Marks

Councilmember Tim Marks

Term Expires: 2018




Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG)
Meets 3rd Thursday at 4:00 PM in Eureka
Johnson Thompson
Humboldt County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Meets Quarterly for lunch (various locations)
Garnes Marks
Humboldt Waste Management Authority (HWMA)
Meets 2nd Thursday @ 5:30 PM in Eureka
Thompson Johnson
Humboldt Transit Authority (HTA)
Meets 3rd Wednesday at 9:00 AM at HTA
Marks Thompson
League of California Cities (Redwood Empire Division) (LOCC)
Meets Quarterly (various locations)
Johnson Garnes
Redwood Region Economic Development Commission (RREDC)
Meets 4th Monday at 6:30 PM in Eureka
Wilson Johnson
Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) Johnson
Redwood Coast Energy Authority
Meets 3rd Monday at 3:00 PM in Eureka
Marks Thompson
Humboldt/Del Norte Hazardous Response Authority
Meets Quarterly at 4:30 PM in Eureka
Garnes Wilson

Internal Committees

Traffic Committee Chief of Police Hill, Community Development Director Caldwell, Fire Chief Wilson, City Manager Knopp, Water/Roadways Superintendent Jensen, Mayor Wilson and Councilmember Marks (Meetings scheduled as needed)
Nuisance Hearing Committee City Manager Knopp, Community Development Director Caldwell, Councilmembers Johnson and Marks and 2 public members (to be appointed)
Sculpture Committee Kevin Caldwell, Mayor Wilson, Susan Pryor, Jim Box, Cheryl Gatlin
Liaison to Rio Dell Fire District Councilmember Garnes/Thompson (Alternate)
Liaison to Rio Dell/Scotia Chamber of Commerce Councilmember Marks/Garnes (Alternate)

The City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at City Hall.

Watch Rio Dell City Council Meetings on Access Humboldt (Suddenlink Channel 10).

City Council Agendas & Minutes

Following are the current and past City Council Agendas. Each document contains the entire agenda packet as provided to each Councilmember. The agenda itself comprises the first several pages, with the agenda items and staff reports included on the following pages. The page number for each agenda item is referenced on the agenda at the beginning of the document. Each agenda packet also includes the minutes from the prior City Council meeting.