Animal Control

The Rio Dell Animal Control Department operates out of the Rio Dell Police Department. Animal Control Services bear the state-mandated responsibility for ensuring that all dogs in the city of Rio Dell are licensed and have current rabies vaccinations. Licenses are due on July 1 of each year.

In addition to enforcement duties, Animal Control is responsible for:

  • Providing emergency care for stray animals that are seriously injured or sick
  • Responding to reports of animal neglect or abuse
  • Tracking potentially dangerous animals that are at large within the city limits
  • Dog licensing on all dogs four months of age or older
  • Quarantine of animals that have bitten and do not have vaccination records

Cats are considered free roaming animals and the leash law does not apply to them. There is no law in Rio Dell that pertains to loose or roaming cats. Citizens can legally trap cats with live/humane traps on their own property.

Captured loose or roaming animals will be transported to Miranda’s Rescue. In order to release the animal the owner must come to the police department, pay a release fee, and contact Miranda’s Rescue.

Helpful Phone Numbers:

Miranda’s Rescue: 725-4449
Dr. Bob Anderson Animal Health and Surgery Center: 725-6154
California Department of Fish and Game: 445-6493