Crime Prevention

Guidelines For Single Family Homes

Residential areas are the heart of a city. Our homes are the centers of our lives, where we should feel most safe. And, while we may have multiple choices when it comes to walking through a certain part of town or using public transportation, we have few choices when it comes to the streets where we live. The guiding principle here is “know thy neighbor.” Street and homes should be designed to encourage interaction between neighbors: good examples of these design elements are the front porch and property lines that are defined simply by low shrubbery instead of high fences.

Natural Access Control

  • Walkways and landscaping direct visitors to the proper entrance and away from private areas.

Natural Surveillance

  • All doorways that open to the outside should be well lit
  • The front door should be at least partially visible from the street
  • Windows on all sides of the house provide full visibility of property
  • Sidewalks and all areas of the yard should be well lit
  • The driveway should be visible from either the front or back door and at least one window
  • The front door should be clearly visible from the driveway
  • Properly maintained landscaping provides maximum viewing to and, from the house

Territorial Reinforcement

  • Front porches or stoops create a transitional area between the street, and the home
  • Property lines and private areas should be defined with plantings, pavement treatments or fences
  • The street address should be clearly visible from the street with numbers a minimum of five inches high that are made of non-reflective material

Target Hardening

  • Interior doors that connect a garage to a building should have a single cylinder dead bolt lock
  • Door locks should be located a minimum of 40 inches from adjacent windows
  • Exterior doors should be hinged on the inside and should have a single cylinder dead bolt lock with a minimum one-inch throw
  • New houses should not have jalousie, casement or awning style windows
  • All windows should have locks
  • Sliding glass doors should have one permanent door on the outside; the inside moving door should have a looking device and a pin