Handling Disputes

A Quick Look at Civil Matters…

Here’s what we will and will not or can and cannot do.

Rio Dell Police Officers will:

  • Mediate civil disputes
  • Enforce civil and family court orders that are clearly signed by a judge and have all required supporting documentation
  • Enforce civil stand-bys to keep peace
  • Refer citizens to a private attorney or the Superior Court when appropriate

Rio Dell Police Officers will not:

  • Offer legal advice in civil matters
  • Serve civil documents or papers
  • Interpret or attempt to decipher any unclear or incomplete court paperwork
  • Make decisions or give orders as to the disposition of property in a civil property dispute

The Rio Dell Police Department strives to provide the highest level of service to this community. We will do our best to ensure that civil disputes are handled with diligence and the highest regard for the safety of the involved parties.