Records Requests

In order to obtain copies of police department records, complete the information requested on the form as completely as possible. A member of the police department will assist you if needed. The department charges a fee of $5.00 per five pages and .15 cents per page beyond five pages. This fee is due at the time of the request is made. The fee is refundable if the record requested is not authorized for release. A single “case” documented under an Incident Number or Call For Service Number (CFS) will be considered a “single record”. A valid photo ID is required to receive police records.

Within ten days of the date of the request the information will be reviewed and a determination will be made if the record(s) is available for release per the Public Records Act. If the record(s) are determined to fall within the exceptions noted in Government Code Section 6254 or other related sections that protect certain public records the record(s) will not be released and you will be notified.

If the record(s) are authorized for release you will receive a copy of the record(s) within ten days of the time the determination for release is made. It will be the responsibility of the requesting party to follow-up on records request. You may make arrangements to pick them up at the Rio Dell Police Department between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday by appointment.

You may experience some delay in the release of records depending on the nature of the record requested. If delays are expected you will be notified at the time of your request, or as soon as is practical following your request.

To preserve the security of the police department, the safety of individuals who may provide information to the police department, the confidentiality of informants who provide information, and to comply with state law; in many cases the narrative portion of a police report will not be released. Often certain information will be redacted from the face pages and other portions of a police report as well for the reasons set forth above.

Juvenile records and information regarding persons listed as victims of certain crimes will not be released to individuals of the public or press. Reports will not be released to persons who are identified as “suspects” in a police report.

If you are requesting a police report please state your involvement as you may be entitled to certain information. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Rio Dell Police Department at (707)764-5642.